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How do Yod's effect a relationship? And Question on Neptune Aspects.

Hello everyone,

I have two questions in this composite chart. One of them is, "How do Yod's effect a composite chart?" What are their meanings? Delays? Impossible relationship?

I have tried searching a few places online and on here . But I am not sure I am getting it , as Yod's facinate me . If I am not mistaken I believe Jupiter (apex) with Mercury and Venus makes a Yod. What does it mean ?

Also another question is , I have noticed in a few posts on here that people with Neptune tend to have quite the illusion with Neptune, I have on this chart a few Neptune Aspects. And yes , I didn't know he was married (Even though there were signs), I just denied them because of Neptune's drug of illusion. When I found out I cut him off. Are Neptune's hard aspects always this? Are there any aspects that help cut off this illusion?

It's that I feel it was such a "Fated Relationship", but I am not sure how realistic my intuition is because of Neptune. I hope someone can give me insight Please
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