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Re: will we ever go from friends to lovers?

here are a list of the tightest aspects


Orb 0-1
Sun Conjunct Lilith (000)
Uranus Trine Moon (002)
Mercury Square North Node (004)
Venus Trine Neptune
North Node Trine Pluto
Venus Trine Uranus
Saturn Square Lilith
Neptune Square Jupiter

Juno Trine Chiron
Mercury Conjunct Vesta

Orb 1-2
Mars Conjunct Uranus
Mars Conjunct Neptune
Jupiter Trine Ascendant
Saturn Trine Moon
Jupiter Trine Juno
Lilith Square Pluto
Mercury Trine Venus
Neptune Opposite Venus
Ascendant Sextile Jupiter
Venus Square Sun

MC Trine Sun
Jupiter Conjunct Ceres
Lilith Square MC
Neptune Sextile Vesta
North Node Sextile MC
Ceres Sextile Moon
Vesta Sextile MC
Juno Sextile Saturn
Pallas Sextile North Node

Orb 2-3
Uranus Square Lilith
Saturn Trine Ascendant
Jupiter Conjunct Moon
Moon Trine Jupiter
Uranus Square Mars
Mars Sextile Pluto

Saturn Trine Ceres
Saturn Trine Juno
Vesta Trine Pluto
Lilith Conjunct Chiron
MC Square Uranus
MC Square Neptune
Juno Square Mercury
Jupiter Sextile Pallas

Orb 3-4
Ascendant Conjunct Sun
Moon Opposite North Node

Orb 4
Uranus Trine Ascendant
Pluto Trine Venus
Venus Opposite Pluto


Juno Quintile Venus
Mercury Septile Moon
Juno Septile Pallas
Moon Octile Mercury
Venus Octile Lilith
Mars Octile Pallas
Saturn Novile Pluto
Vesta Novile Ascendant
Vesta Novile Juno
Jupiter Semi-sextile Lilith
Chiron Semi-sextile MC
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