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Re: turned charts

Sometimes it's hard to know when to turn a chart and when to look at the plain meaning of the houses.

A step-child would normally be the 5th house from the 7th, or radix (root chart's) 11th house. The 7th is one's spouse or partner. The 5th is one's child, but in this case we're looking at the spouse's child. (We start with the 7th as the first house to count here.

But let's imagine a situation where a step-mother was the one raising her partner's child from the child's infancy. The child has known no other mother, and the mother loves the child and has always treated the child as her own. In this case it would probably make more sense to consider the child to be a 5th house matter for the mother.

Without seeing Houlding's example, it's hard to say. Traditionally the 4th house rules the father and the 10th house rules the mother. (Modern astrologers tend to reverse this.) But basically the radix 8th house concerns the querent's death (or inheritence, taxes, shared income, &c) not the death of the parent. Do you want to link the example? If we put parents as a 4th house matter, then the 8th from the 4th would be the radix 11th house. The 4th can also stand for the end of a matter: how it turns out.

Do you want to link the page?
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