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Re: Medicine or the Arts??

Originally Posted by Ahlexefh1 View Post
Career wise what would my artsy side point towards? An event manager? A singee? An actor??
For the details, you should probably go to a professional. Astrology is way too vast and too deep to point into that level of detail. It doesn't quite work like that as a quick answer you would get from fortune telling, its much more systematic. It tells you what skill-sets you have (e.g. social, aesthetic, novel thinker) and temperament, but all those skillsets can be applied into so many areas... Then you get into tricky time periods and progressions, which basically means timing. Something could be great and right for you, but it may not be the right time as other things will and can supersede it.

Venus in Cap is generally associated with architecture, modeling, management and possibly design, history and antiques. Virgo MC loves to improve and perfect things. It just means you approach anything aesthetic with a practical bent, and probably want to build things, whether intangible or tangible.

Originally Posted by Ahlexefh1 View Post
How does my mars in leo 9th house even effect mt chart? I feel as if it doesnt influence it on paper. I do however get told how extravagant and big i am with my gestures.
Mars in the 9th is not the first thing I noticed, and not something I would look into personally, but I only mentioned it because others have commented on it. Mars in a house just means where you spend the most energy. Look into what 9th house signifies -- it can mean so many things.

Actually what really stands out to me is MERCURY. It rules your MC and 7th house. And its in a pretty cool sign of Aqua where its suppose to be exalted. Plus its in your 2nd, contributing to a heavy 2nd house focus. Lastly and also quite important, it BQ (Biquintiles) your MC. This is a talent related to career, whether you are aware of it or not. And this planet should not be overlooked. 5 significators are pointing to Mercury as the one to dig into. (Sorry I can't tell you what your talent is off the bat , a professional should look into it with in person conversation and the seriousness it deserves.).

Again I recommend consulting a professional so they give it a proper go (an hour of research or more in a specific area). At least now you know where to focus on .

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