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Neptune enveloping me for far too long

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Hi forum. Please take a look at my natal/ transits if you want to see an example of Neptune in action. I have been swimming in neptune for like 6 years when it crossed my descendant and opposed my mercury. It’s been powerful while transiting my 7th house even while relatively dormant (See my natal chart dripping with Neptune for a culprit) but now it’s about to oppose my sun for a couple years before hopefully leaving me alone for good. I’m at my wits end. I’ve been treated like prey by so many people and situations in the last half a decade that my head is spinning. I’ve never been more foggy and I misjudge every single time. As a Virgo sun this is weird and perplexing to me as I alway before had a great ******** detector. I know I just have a couple more years to endure of this heavy influence but I’d like to actually survive it! I’ve been lucky with the transit of Pluto to my sun at the same time, which has helped me achieve beyond my wildest dreams professionally but I see my personal life is coated in Neptune slime. Any thoughts would be super appreciated....

I’m starting to think Neptune transits can relentlessly pull in adversaries and underhanded people/ emotional predators regardless of your usual ability to spot trouble so that you are simply overwhelmed and unable to defend yourself at some point ☹️ I look back on when I was super naive when this all started thinking “oh I’ll make a great spiritual connection, meet the love of my life.” Erm NO. More like the wolf in sheeps clothing.

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