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Re: Forum natal chart

stumbled upon this website totally by mistake. Been reading some of the threads and you guys seem to be really good with this stuff. Hopefully, I can learn something from you guys.
Let me start by posting my own chart. I would really like for you guys to take a jabb at it and interpret it for me. My main interest is whether or not my chart shows marriage, when it will happen for me, will I have children, am I fertile. Now, here is the challenge....uterine fibroids is something that runs in my family with the females. What I would like to know is whether this is shown in my chart and will this condition hinder me from conceiving and having children. In addition, I have this deep belief that I will have multiples...wouldn't be surprised if I had as much as 5 babies all at once. It's weird because I actually desire this to happen. I feel like I am destined to become an older mom with many children. So there you have it. Thanking you in advance. Here is the chart.

Here is the Astro Chart you requested:

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