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Re: Transition into Aquarius

Originally Posted by Whoam1 View Post
I think the Saturn/Uranus needs to transition from Capricorn to Aquarius, I will always have the AC in Capricorn but its in my best interests to manifest my ego in Aquarius because I need a change.
You'lle get your change.Even little by little, always appreciate the provress you make each day,I'm seeking change myself too. I think we should always seek change. I'm into astrology bc it offer interesting perspectives on how to jumpstart selfintrospection. Introspection is power. It's inner power. Control is a futile endeavor. Power on the other hand means we know we can handle whatever unexpected thing comes up no matter what it is

If it's not too deep, why do you think Aquarius it he answer and how are you so certain that you already aren't Aquarian and just don't realize it?
Those personal planets will still be important, tho Sun, the moon, Venus, Meercury, and Mars
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