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Re: Transition into Aquarius

I wish I could help you in astrological terms as I'm still very new to astrology. I will say you seem to have a lot of pain you need to process and all astrology can do sometimes is point you to what you may need to work through. Based on what you told me in your other thread which I won't reiterate in much detail here since it's personal, you need to work on accepting yourself and realizing who you are is not these people who hurt you
I see astrology as a helpful tool for selfdiscovery. What you know is that you have a hard time accepting your Aquarius stellium and Saturn chart ruler. Whatever the Aquarius stellium represents to you and whatever the Saturnian energy represents to you, take those things and dislocate them from astrology for a little while. Introspect as to why you have trouble owning certain parts of who you are and find ways to face and process that pain

That's all I can think that may help. I feel as if you perhaps have trouble accepting many parts of your chart for deep reasons and you just needs to dig into yourself and as yourself why. It may feel uncomfortable, but it will help you grow

I definitely agree that Aquarius stellium may overpower or at least equal your Capricorn rising and sun, but don't forget the Virgo moon. You seem to overidentifity with Pluto/Scorpio. Maybe you need to accept certain parts of your chart that seem unsavory. Virgo isn't the most glamorous sign by reputation, but it has a lot of strengths. It also has a lot of intensity that people don't quite understand. Virgo is vastly misunderstood. The inner experience of Virgo can be incredibly obsessive and intense just like Plutonian energy. Virgo is a very dark sign. It's not the virgin. It's the virgin-whore. Scorpio is fixed with Plutonic transformative energy. Virgo is mutable(changeable, transformative) with Earth(steady, stubborn). Perhaps you're more Virgo moon than you think

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