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Re: Suicide - indicators from the natal chart

I just need to reply quickly to your comments about after your brother's death. Having had many experiences similar, I have a fair idea of what you mean. I had my oldest brother die in an `accident' when I was 13. Not only did I dream about it 5 years prior to his death (a dream full of symbols which predicted the head injury which killed him), but I also had a `knowledge' on the last morning that I saw him that I would not be seeing him again. He died 10 days later. Whist my parents were devastated after he died, I knew he was fine.

"The feeling of open joyful expansiveness & curiosity is impossible to describe."

Yep, that's the one.

And another point re Chiron-Jupiter conjunct, I also imagine with this placement people can crash and burn spectacularly. Pretty much the whole of your chart supports your own unique expression of the conjunct, while for others there may be moderators or even blockers to the full expression, depending on what the individual has come in to experience.
For instance, while the natal Saturn placement may hinder some, given you have a Saturn-ruled chart, your Saturn supports your chosen expression.

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