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Re: Suicide - indicators from the natal chart

You've given me a lot to think about. I did know Chiron's symbolism was 'where you are wounded' but not much of what i've read about it has struck a chord with me. Both my Aunt & Uncle also have Chiron closely conjunct Jupiter. I've looked at their charts in the past trying to pinpoint the essence of the energy. My Jupiter/ Chiron is also in a 1'00 square to Saturn. Both my parents were very harsh in their criticisms of me growing up, which has been the root of my depression. The square to Saturn seems to cover this.
Dangerous to say never again, but since my brothers death depression hasn't been a problem. In the days after his death i had some very unusual experiences on a completely different level of reality. It felt like experiencing his post death reality the way he was feeling it, & it was very multi-sensory. The feeling of open joyful expansiveness & curiosity is impossible to describe. So anyway, i keep coming back to that feeling & that awareness, which changes my perspective substantially,& i'm not falling down black holes of despair

Fascinating snippet about Orson Welles by the way
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