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Re: Suicide - indicators from the natal chart

That sixth sense I think is down to the Pisces in your chart - your Sun in Pisces, the Moon opposite Pisces Mercury, and (as you mentioned, and I had almost forgotten) the Moon-Neptune square with Neptune in 12th. I also have the Moon-Neptune square, and I have always have a heightened instinct for people, especially in that moment of first impression. I know whether they can be trusted (or not), whether they are truthful or fake, etc, etc. A guy I knew when I was in my early 20's (and both of us were involved in a community group, where we had to deal with all kinds of people) once said to me, "You can sum someone up in around 2 minutes after meeting them, and you're always right." (Unfortunately for me I married, and later divorced, someone I'd detested on first meeting. I can remember thinking on first meeting him: `what a complete creep.' Why I ignored my own instinct and later thought he was so wonderful still baffles me to this day!!)

I find it interesting that the Moon-Neptune square can at once grant such insight and instinctual responses, and also be behind such crippling depression. Keep in mind that this degree of sensitivity means that we will be able to sense/pick up low moods and depression in others, and even in our line of heredity - both of which I have found that I do without even knowing it. Both these tendencies can lead us to experiencing depression which may not even be ours. It's easily done.

As for Chiron, that is a novel-sized topic all of its own. Just to summarise briefly, Chiron in a chart is the place where we are wounded - we come in to address these particular wounds - and even if we are not aware of it, we tend to create situations on our lives which lead us to having to address these wounds. The wound with Chiron in Aries in the 5th house is the wound of feeling/believing oneself to be unworthy, especially when it comes to how we express ourselves creatively. The Jupiter conjunction is one which can lead to what I mentioned in my post above, but it can lead to a level of arrogance, which is often little more than an overblown can-do approach to life. It is almost always expressed individually, rather than in collaboration, although someone with this conjunction in Libra, for instance, would be more likely to express it in collaboration with others. (Bill Clinton has Chiron conjunct Jupiter in Libra, and he dragged a lot of people along with him during the time he was attempting to prove himself, and was particularly silver-tongued - that's the Libra factor - about it.)
One especially eloquent expression of Chiron conjunct Jupiter was Orson Welles, who had Chiron-Jupiter conjunct in Pisces in the 10th house. At 25 he co-wrote, starred in, produced and directed "Citizen Kane", which scored 9 Oscar nominations in 1942. Prior to this, he'd read books on film-making, having not attempted to make a film before. That takes confidence.

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