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Re: Suicide - indicators from the natal chart

Originally Posted by R4VEN View Post
Chiron-Jupiter conjunct, and in Aries, is a no-boundaries kind of placement, with a heightened ability to go it alone and take risks others would never consider, let alone actually attempt.
Combine that with the Moon-Mercury opposition - with Moon conj MC, and Mercury in Pisces - you have a massively heightened level of intuition - perhaps to the level where you don't even have to tune in to it, and that it just works for you. Added to that is the warrior-like placement of Chiron-Jupiter sextile Mars in Gemini. It all adds up to a high level of potential energy.
This sums me up to a T...."a no-boundaries kind of placement, with a heightened ability to go it alone and take risks others would never consider, let alone actually attempt"......When i was developing i had the admiration of a no of prominent businessmen in the city for holding together more complex, ambitious projects under more extreme circumstances than they would have dreamed of trying to do. I was in my early 30s & the only female developer i am aware of in NZ And it was a completely solo business. Even outside of business i'm notorious amongst my friends for pushing boundaries And yes, it's a combination of a mind that's fast at processing information [Mercury trine Uranus], but mostly you're right that i navigate both my personal & professional life on pure instinct. It's generally served me very well, apart from my weakness of being naively trusting of people. Even with the antique business, i can be in an auction room with much more experienced dealers & i routinely pick the undervalued pieces on a kind of 'smell / sixth sense'. I rely on it to make a living. Half the time i can't even necessarily identify what i'm buying, i just buy on that sixth sense [and i've yet to loose money on anything ]. It's the same with lovers, i've always just chosen on a sixth sense and been incredibly lucky. It's hard to describe, but also quite specific...the closest i can come is that on first feeling the other persons energy, it's like being clonked on the head & kicked into a parallel universe at the same time. It was only talking to girlfriends about their constant sub-optimal matches, where i'd continually suggest they use their instinct in choosing a guy, that i very slowly came to realize that not everyone navigates life by intuition. It's the Pisces / Moon placements you mentioned, but i'm sure that sixth sense is also down to stationary Neptune in 12th house almost exactly square my Moon / MC. I still don't quite get what Chiron is adding to my Jupiter in Aries 5th placement......are you saying Chiron is also adding a kind of intuition?

I do deeply appreciate the insight from another perspective Raven!
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