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Re: Suicide - indicators from the natal chart

vanessanz, I have given your post(s) some thought over the past couple of days. A number of years ago (around 20-25) I did some quite detailed research into Chiron and its effects and purpose on one's chart. I still stick by my assessment that the Chiron-Jupiter conjunct in Aries and in your 5th house is fundamental in your entrepreneurial abilities, although the other aspects you mention are not without influence. For instance, I also have Capricorn rising, but whenever the words `business' or `money' or `moving forward' are spoken, I become overcome by lethargy and disinterest. I am more the expressive/artistic type, but that is down to my Libra MC and all that influences it.

Chiron-Jupiter conjunct, and in Aries, is a no-boundaries kind of placement, with a heightened ability to go it alone and take risks others would never consider, let alone actually attempt. Combine that with the Moon-Mercury opposition - with Moon conj MC, and Mercury in Pisces - you have a massively heightened level of intuition - perhaps to the level where you don't even have to tune in to it, and that it just works for you. Added to that is the warrior-like placement of Chiron-Jupiter sextile Mars in Gemini. It all adds up to a high level of potential energy.

With tr Uranus currently conjuct that Jupiter, your restlessness is heightened, along with a genuine desire to make a difference in the world - but in a way which suits you, and is unique to you - so that what you have lived through actually has a purpose which goes beyond the businesses you have built in the past.

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