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Re: Suicide - indicators from the natal chart

Thanks for your insight. Much appreciated!

None of the family issues so far have bothered me at all either - i think its because i have such a Neptunian chart that i'm comfortable with the fluid chaos & feel detached after the last few years of extreme trauma - quite comfortable with the fact that we all die & everything constantly changes & that despite having a tight knit clan structure in my family, love in it's richest sense is family

As for the business drive - yes, i've always been self employed & started multiple businesses from scratch. The business that i lost was as a property developer having spent 10 years restoring high-end heritage houses. [Sun in 4th, prominent Saturn & Moon]. I now have a business i've built from scratch again selling high-end antiques [Saturn. Moon?]. I have such a strong visual ability that these areas are instinctual. I barely have to work at it, so path of least resistance for me
I'm strongly entrepreneurial, with an equally strong visionary / idealistic streak.
I put the entrepreneurial drive down to Jupiter in Aries, closely sextile Mars, and my Capricorn AC
Your comments about Chiron / Jupiter are interesting as i've never known what to make of my Chiron conjunction.
I am so clear these days on an intuitive level that i'm here to help with radical social change using business as the medium to change how everyday systems work [food, housing, media]. These days i'm quite comfortable forcing business into a not-for-profit humanitarian model, without compromising. If i hadn't had such a big business & personal wipe-out i don't think i would have reached a position where i feel so clear & bombproof so quickly...

Thanks again for your interesting insight.
Having been right on the edge multiple times with suicide, i hope my chart & experience can help other people on their journey

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