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Re: Suicide - indicators from the natal chart

Originally Posted by vanessanz View Post
There was some really nasty behind the scenes corruption & sabotage going on

I'm also very clear that i'm not here to prop up the current system, but to help change it.
That is certainly a lot to be dealing with. I was interested in how the natal Chiron-Jupiter conjunction has manifested for you, and so it appears that the building of some kind of business (you mentioned losing quite a lot of $$$) has been how you expressed it. It is a very can-do kind of energy, where there are no obstacles to what you want to achieve. Perhaps, after a time of recovery, you can access some of that energy again, but with different kinds of goals in mind.

I quoted the two sentences above because that is a huge and very important lesson. All Western cultures are run by corrupt systems, and this goes beyond politics and government, to the legal system, the military, and into all levels of government departments. Ultimately, we all have to resist "playing the game".

I was interested in the goings on in your wider family - the selling of the farm, and your cousin's accusations of incest. Around 3 years ago my family's farm was sold (after something like 5 generations of farming in the family, my brother decided he wanted to try something else) At the time I had tr Uranus just having entered the 4th house, but I was not especially bothered by the farm going, as I had so much going on in my own house!!
The incest accusations is a very Neptunian issue, also, and especially with transiting Chiron also being in Pisces. Given that transiting Chiron travels through your 4th house from April 2014 until around April 2024, the underlying wounds in your family line of heredity - and especially in the female line - are being exposed. This includes your own personal sense of "home", or being at home on the planet. This is difficult, but it is also part of the process of uncovering the truth.

"There is a crack in everything
That's how the light gets in."
- from Anthem
by Leonard Cohen
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