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Re: Suicide - indicators from the natal chart

Thanks Raven. Nice to meet you! Actually what has transformed my understanding substantially, was i lost nearly everything when Pluto crossed my AC a few years ago. There were also some other heavy transits at the same time. My Lover & brother were both killed in accidents. I became intimate with death & grief. I had a nasty court case about my lovers estate with his siblings & i lost $4mill of business & properties & assets i'd built up & ended up with nothing at all. I also completely lost trust in the police & justice systems & pretty much all our current systems. There was some really nasty behind the scenes corruption & sabotage going on [natal stationary Neptune in 12th house closely square Moon / MC]. It just about killed me. In the aftermath i broke my pelvis & couldn't walk for 6 months and developed a sudden severe anaphylactic reaction to any dairy, along with being diagnosed with PTSD & being suicidal...the carnage was so extreme it's almost funny So anyway, i've learnt something from it, & i'm much more conscious of navigating between this side & the other. I'm also very clear that i'm not here to prop up the current system, but to help change it. My only real problem now, apart from lack of capital, is that my energy levels are so low still. I'm also picking that the transiting stationary Neptune sitting on my IC is doing this & it's setting off my natal T-square. I have 0 concentration at the moment. I navigate my days with lists My family is also dissolving in every direction at the moment, one branch is dissolving because my cousin has been open about incest by her father, & my childhood home [a farm] is being sold right now & flattened for grapes in the next few weeks....ah Neptune on the IC what more will you bring....

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