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Chance to work in government sector?

Hi guys,

I am interested to know if I have a chance to work in government sector and I hope to get some opinion about my chart here.

I am Sun (Asc Leo) in 9th house where I am seeking guidance and advice from other. My other ruler, Moon weak by placement in 8th house of loss. I am concern about the Moon in detriment of Venus. But there is still chances for me with the other favourable connection like Venus (Job) receiving Sun in Taurus. Good news for me I hope.

The Government Job ruler Venus in 8th house but exalted in Pisces. . No aspect between Sun and Venus.

MC is applying aspect with my ruler Sun in 9 unit time. With the North Node in 1st house I think I have luck if I continue in applying for the job.

I think it is a Yes.

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