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Re: Physical and psychological bad symptoms

Dear Sir,

thank you very much for your attention and help. I appreciate it a lot. I'm going to explain you. I' ve been always straight and I had some relationships, even though quite short and with problems and they come late during my youth, however I always loved girls and I was very very attracted to them. I'm now in a state of complete confusion but I'm quite sure that I would never go with a man because I can't...I feel that I can't..but the only thing is that I want to delete this confusion and mind fog in order to be strong again. Because of this situation also my sexual organs are very weak and it is as If I don't feel nothing. This ketu antardasha is destroying problems, mental fog, I feel as I'm doomed. I already suffered a lot for many things (relationships, friends, parents without a job, money, loneliness etc) and my hope is to be more relaxed with a bit of more joy. Will the Sun dasha be better generally speaking? I want to try to enter a phd but I have to study hard and find a way to get it. I also hope to marry one or at least have a good relationship with a girl with whom there is love.

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