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Originally Posted by JUPITERASC View Post
Hello chasama good idea to consider the wise advice to let your food be your medicine - let your medicine be your food

I do think this is very far away from the original topic. I did only place an example in regards to how astrology might affect the physical features and conditions of a person.

In terms of my skin, it is very much doing well and I take care of myself very well. Perhaps that can be because of my moon in Virgo or the moon being in the 6th house. But I'm pretty much a health freak.


You did say that my moon in Virgo will affect appearances, how? Like will it soften supposedly angled and sharp features the Aries asc would give?

And how about Venus placements as they are always attributed to be a big factor in appearances.

I have been reading articles in the internet and somehow forums usually give more information. Most articles I read only touch ascending signs and some basics of the planetary placements.
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