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Re: Can someone read my chart, specifically on the physical appearance

Originally Posted by chasama View Post

Hi, I have been curious as to whether
the 1st house, Sun, Venus
keep in mind that
although your RISING SIGN aka ASCENDANT is ARIES and your Sun is Aries
your natal VENUS is PISCES


be aware that

the fact is
house location of a natal planet can change
dependent on the house system chosen has Placidus as default


easily verify that

on's Extended Chart Selection Page
there you shall discover fourteen of the more popular house systems currently in use

are available options

one of those alternative house systems

using whole sign houses
your natal Pisces Venus and your natal Pisces Mercury
are in 12th whole sign house



'...There are at least twenty or thirty different house systems
or means of dividing the so-called "birthchart" into twelve segments of life activity.
Originally, the words "houses" and "signs" were interchangeable.
A planet in Aries was also a planet in the house of Aries
so that in effect there were no real houses as we know them today....'

'.Artificial divisions now known as houses
were attempts by early Greeks and Hindus to measure strength "points" in the horoscope,
which during 7th and 8th centuries AD were construed
or confused
as means of dividing the birth chart.
Ascendant and midheaven degrees and their opposites
were definite power points or areas of intense focus,
but were not necessarily the beginnings of a house or quadrant.....'

Originally Posted by chasama View Post

.....and other aspects really affect the physical appearance of the person.
I have been reading a lot of articles and forum posts about it, but I get confused.

I'm also not very in depth in Astrology yet,
so I can't really say which parts of the aspects really affected my physical features.

Using whole sign houses to clearly demarcate 1st house from 12th house
assists with reducing any confusion regarding Venus and Mercury influence

IF Aries is Ascendant
then Mars is an influence on appearance
as well as other factors
including planets aspecting the ascendant

RON BIPPUS 40 years of research on Physical appearance indications
are also worth checking out
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