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Re: How a Mars in Sagittarius can handle with indirect confrontation?

The emotionally explosive nature that you display in confrontations can be explained by your virgo moon in exact square to your venus-mars conjunction and as mars is more malefic in a day chart it will behave erratically. As this occurs in the first house it is through your personality that mars will manifest. Perhaps its my own Sagittarius mars talking but I don't see anything wrong with how you handled most of those situations ( not into the police thing though.) Sometimes its necessary for folks to know that there are people that will strike back when pushed (yes even physically).

If you want to cut down on the over-reacting I suggest letting your boundaries be known before you get into altercations and always check anyone when there are veering close to the line. With venus in a partile conjunction to your mars you should be able to temper your aggression with some diplomacy; creating a happy medium. Think assertive.

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