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Re: How a Mars in Sagittarius can handle with indirect confrontation?

Originally Posted by LyP View Post
I just do not know how to defend myself with my mars in Sagittarius, because I avoid being aggressive,I do not know how to be passive aggressive, as most people who want to maintain the reputation,with me,confrontation is honest, my way of fighting tends to be uncontrolled, without much thought.
Uncontrolled and without much thought sounds like the way Sagittarius does everything. Sagittarius represents our need to have unfiltered experiences, to just try something and see what happens.

Regarding your avoidance of aggression, that could have everything to do with what you've been taught. Girls are usually taught that it's not okay to be aggressive, or even reasonably assertive, so many women suppress that aggression instinct. It could also have to do with Mars being conjunct Venus in your chart--so closely conjunct that they're occupying the same space, less than a degree apart. For you, that makes Mars and Venus function as one planet, but it's one planet with two very different messages. Mars wants to fight or compete with others, while Venus wants to maintain harmony with others. Both of them are under the expansive influence of Sagittarius, so they both want to expand their expressions in you.

Mars in the sky is currently combust and in opposition with your natal Mars (and Venus). That would be bringing the energy of that natal conjunction to the forefront right now, with Mars emphasized.

However, first house placements are not just about how you interact with others, they're also about your sense of self. You could put that Mars/Venus energy to work for you through what they have in common. Both planets are key players in creative self expression. Mars provides the passion and urge to create, while Venus provides the deep creative sense and the desire to make something beautiful.

Is there anything creative that you feel especially drawn to do, especially right now? Could be just about anything: painting, ceramics, drama, writing, dance, martial arts (they're called arts for a reason!), cooking, or even just a creative way of doing ordinary things. Sagittarius also emphasizes learning. Maybe it would be good for you to learn something new that's creative. Since you seem to be prone to physical outbursts, maybe a very physical kind of creative pursuit would help you redirect that energy.
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