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How a Mars in Sagittarius can handle with indirect confrontation?

I'm not sure if my problem is Mars in Sagittarius

other people with this mars (and others), opinion is welcome.

Well,Each mars has a way of showing aggression, Mars in Scorpio is a strategist, mars in libra is passive-aggressive , mars in gemini use intellect etc ...
and Mars in Sagittarius is .... Direct.

I just do not know how to defend myself with my mars in Sagittarius, because I avoid being aggressive,I do not know how to be passive aggressive, as most people who want to maintain the reputation,with me,confrontation is honest, my way of fighting tends to be uncontrolled, without much thought.

I keep a lot of the time calm, but if I burst (which rarely happens), my way of fighting is very direct and aggressive,go against, I injure openly, I use physical violence, I'll stop at the policestation, I leave clear who are my enemies.

For example, if a person who avoids direct confrontation with me
I devise revenge, or get the prowl.
but I'm just angry, and do not do anything, I'm hoping these fearful useless people, spill a last drop of water.

certain mars placements are annoying and false
when these people do not like someone they pretend they like.

They make silly and childish things, bla bla bla indirectly, to other people do not realize that they are not good people.

This is fearful people thing.

you want an example of my exaggeration?
if a person throws the phone on my desk to try to subdue me and then looks at me with a mocking facial expression, I just break the phone in front of her and yell at her to caught her arm and threaten to beat her.
this in public, simply because I am very angry.

All this, because I know that person hates me, but others do not know.
So this person who hates me and causes me angry a long time, comes out as the victim.

but still, give me tips on mars in sagittarius may be less direct

a note on my chart:

the ruler of the seventh house (enemies) is in Decide second home (hidden enemies)
any advice?

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