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Test result


I went for a blood re-test today, doctor wanted it done because the last results showed a bloood calcium deficiency. Elbow crease looks like a pin cushion now! I dont know the first thing about horary on medicine. Doctor sent me for blood tests because I told her about my painful, grinding knees. I'm a Capricorn but the stereotype of bad knees is ironic!

I am Mercury, detrimented in Pisces just next to Mars. Is Mars that needle? I don't know if that relates to the blood test, or just the fact I have a chest infection at the moment and ill in bed.

Moon is nearly exact opposition to Mars, from Mercury. Mars rules the 3rd house.

Antares and Aldebarran rule the MC/IC which also conjunct exactly my natal nodes.

Virgo rules parasympathetic system, which is one of the things they tested. Another thing they tested I think was Vit D.

I would appreciate anyone who knows a bit to take a look, I'm happy with whatever I hear


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