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Re: Venus square Saturn

Originally Posted by Love2Know View Post
Yeah but it also depends on other aspects within the chart, I have a jun trine sun and I always get a lot of help from people.. So I dunno I also like a lot of encouragement. Also look at the signs in hard aspect as well as their houses and other aspects those signs are in. I do not think this 1 aspect is so horrible as people may believe. Charts can also balance themselves out, or more specifically we can balance ourselves out and our greatest weakness can become our greatest strength.
Mine is balanced with Mercury conj. MC. It makes a triangle of sextiles to Saturn-Venus-Jupiter triangle. I mean there are two triangles. One is bad, one is good. Probably I have to improve the good one for feeling the other's worst sides. I feel it inherently, I feel if I have good career which makes me happy and satisfied, I will feel the pain of others lesser than before. You're right, we need to find the balance point.
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