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Re: Venus square Saturn

Originally Posted by midnight sun View Post
It doesn't change if you're more feminine. Of course I attract some men but they are always wrong people, always. Drug addict, have a girlfriend, only thinks to have sex, etc. They always have a wrong side which will hurt you. This is the aspect of being hurt constantly. The men I fell in love were kind of not showing me interest and I was the one who was running after them all the time. This situation hurts my pride so much that now I can wait forever if a man doesn't move his *** for me. This is the only thing I've learnt but still nothing changed. Because if I don't make any move, they never make a move.

Now I really understand that I'm not as valuable as other women because a man will never fall in love with me and do something to win and make me happy. And I won't do it for any man, too. Because I have a huge rage now. As I said before if Saturn teaches something, this is fear and rage. Because I earn these two after trying many years.
Hmm I dunno I was like that a bit as a teen, but my leo venus is too hopelessly romantic and I have a short attention span, so when I am knocked down I sulk if I will get some delicious pity lol if no one is looking I just shrug and move on. Or else I would get bored...... ????? Being down can only really be amusing or intense for a short time till I get bored with myself and restless and need to find something else to do. I have this aspect but the signs get along I feel like it has to do with my slightly immature attitude sometimes more than other people. Other people can suck or be great and are usually very bias and sometimes full of it, but its more important to focus and make peace with yourself because you cant really escape yourself. You should be able to be your own bestfriend lol.
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