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Re: Venus square Saturn

Midnight sun. I hear you and feel your pain. I've felt the same frustration and despair. Its 4 years since I started this post and not a lots changed really. I still haven't met the love of my life. Relationships have not suddenly become easy. I'm 35 now and I do feel progressively more bitter, as I watch my friends build homes and families and plans for the future.

I'm so glad people are still adding to this discussion. It reminds me that most of my problems are simply this aspect! I just picked up the Liz Greene book as I was looking at the difference between the opposition and the square (she doesn't say much on that). Her text sets out the whole problem. I'm not sure what work you have been doing Midnight Sun, but I think that if we are to make any progress here we have to be doing deep deep deep level work on the lack of nurturing/love/affection, abandonment, neglect we felt in childhood and also looking to embrace our own femininity more. I think that really, all the work on myself I have been doping is just putting a plaster on the top and not really dealing with the wounds. I did do some psychotherapy but that just bored me without the astrological perspective.

So, you say its not about self esteem/self love but I disagree. Saturn and venus....what else could it be? I think its possible to do and say all the right things (i.e. being self confident) but its the core beliefs and expectations underneath which are important.

I remember once, someone said to me....its simple, you just have to learn to lighten up around relationships.

OMG! : S
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