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Re: Extremely Introverted Sagittarius asking for chart reading?

Originally Posted by miquar View Post
Yes I see. Thanks RebelUranian. I can't remember which planets, if any are angular in Enthusiast's chart, and its expired.
I don't think cold planets were on angles. There is a lot of "the only problem is that this doesn't appear to actually work," in my studying of astrology right now.

My other, more recent theory, which doesn't immediately "not work," is to look at whether more important planets are above or below the horizon. I know the OP's chart expired, so let's take mine since I have it memorized: The Sun and Moon are below the horizon, and so are Jupiter and Saturn, which are final dispositors (sidereal,) and Jupiter is my 1st house ruler as well. In this theory, hot and cold are irrelevant. Also, I think the amount of elevation of planets might have to do with it, but I'd have to do more examination. Actually, I'm going to go make a thread.
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