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Re: Extremely Introverted Sagittarius asking for chart reading?

Originally Posted by miquar View Post
I'm not sure that there's anything definitive that you could point to that makes this the chart of an introvert. If siderealism was the answer, then why would the other people you know be extraverted?
Cold/feminine/yin emphasis over hot/masculine/yang emphasis makes an introvert according to multiple people regarded as experts (Carl Jung directly employed this.) The reason the other people would be more extraverted would be because they have extraverted planets on angles and you/the OP has introverted planets on angles. The only problem is that this doesn't appear to actually work.

Edit: I've also never heard "introvert" used as a verb before, even though it makes sense since the literal root is "turn inwards." I checked the dictionary and it says it's not. That's OK because it's sensical to say but sensical isn't a word either.


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