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Extremely Introverted Sagittarius asking for chart reading?

Hi, im a 20 year old male from london. I've always seemed very introverted, my parents recall me needing to be alone a lot since I was a toddler and i've always been a loner, despite this people are surprised at how jovial and lighthearted I am when they actually speak to me but i've always had an intense need for solitude. I think on the surface my chart looks quite assertive and confident. I have sun in sagittarius, aries moon, mercury in sagittarius, mars in sagittarius, aquarius midheaven; im quite sure these are all important in a natal chart so im intrigued as to what accounts for my introspective nature. I also have mercury retrograde aspected by conjunction with mars and sextile to saturn. I know retrogrades make planets turn inwards but im still not completely sure about how I should interpret my mercury. I also knew two other males born on the same day as me in the same year, so they both had mercury retrograde in sagittarius but they were both very extroverted and in tune with the external world. Anyway that's enough how for now here's my chart:

feel free to give me any feedback on anything you've noticed about my chart in general aswell as my introversion. Im not very good at reading a chart interpreting it as a whole so appreciate any help. Thanks.
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