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Re: What is the IC?

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JUPITERASC, how is your Latin or ancient Greek? Where Riley uses the term "parents" in his Vettius translation, do you know what was the word in the original?....This matters, because one might well have a question concerning one's mother that was different than asking about one's father

Btw - A timely and most useful illustration of the finely-based nuances of meaning relating to vocabulary as understood by ancient Greek authors such as Vettius Valens is conveyed by the posting to you tube on 22 February 2012 of a video graphically highlighting the advantages of clear audio visual presentation when clarifying ancient astrological meaning as originally intended by the author two thousand years ago

the video is a response from Andrea Gehrz to some very interesting dialogue initiated by Sidereal astrologer Therese Hamilton on a thread entitled “Valens: Schmidt, Riley and Gehrz”

fwiw some say the IC indicates the manner of the end of life

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