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Re: What is the IC?

Originally Posted by waybread View Post
JupiterAsc, thanks for the discourse. If you don't know the precise words that Valens used for "parents", that's fine.
That's ok. IMO the precise word that Valens used for "parents" was "parents" i.e. there is much debate as to what Valens did or did not say and therefore I recommend you seek advice from our two resident Hellenistic astrology experts - members Chris Brennan and Zoidsoft who are far better qualified than I

I am certain both would be only too delighted to respond to any questions relating to this crucial and inevitably contentious matter.

Originally Posted by JUPITERASC View Post
.... in the meantime, for anyone keen for more discussion on comparisons between various translations of Vettius Valens, there is an interesting thread initiated by Therese Hamilton over on Skyscript entitled Valens: Schmidt, Riley and Gehrz where the required detailed comparison between Riley's, Schmidt's and Gehrz's translations of Vettius Valens is currently ongoing. And on that note, here's a very interesting example 100 word quote:


“It's valuable having properly published version of Riley's translation of Valens (Astrology Classics, Astrology Center of America) to compare with Schmidt/Gehrz. I'm waiting for the printed text because I believe Valens is important enough to pay the cost for an attractive well published book with index. From what I've seen, the Riley translation is quite close to Schmidt, and can be relied upon. It's often more readable as well. So if anyone regretted not having the Schmidt translation (only partly complete), I believe the Riley translation will be accurate enough, though missing Robert Schmidt's and Rob Hand's notes”

For those who are interested, Therese Hamilton then continues with an example of an important translation difference between Gehrz and Schmidt/Riley

Anyone who reads my posts shall have noticed that I frequently state that I'm no expert - on the contrary, our two actual long time resident experts are:

(a) member Chris Brennan, teacher and translator of various ancient manuscripts particularly those of Vettius Valens

member Zoidsoft, writer of the Hellenistic software program for Project Hindsight has worked closely with Robert Schmidt of Project Hindsight and maintains a useful resource website at
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