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Re: Is Horary "like" Tarot?

Originally Posted by virgo18 View Post
Am I right with this? If we want a trustful answer then we:

- don't ask twice the same question in less than 2 weeks.
- don't ask questions involved with the same theme or persons? like asking about love, or money constantly.
- don't ask questions that can't be answered with a yes or no.
- Don't use the phrase "Will I ever"

The following is MY OUTLOOK (therefore not "authoritative") regarding the above:

-don't ask the same question WHICH YOU GOT AN ANSWER TO until action regarding the subject matter has occured; if there has been no action in a reasonable time, then the question may be asked again (I do NOT think setting generalized time frames is advisable)

-I agree about re-asking the same OR ESSENTIALLY THE SAME question about a person or theme over and over again; HOWEVER, it can happen that clarification might be needed, in which case questions seeking clarification about the same person or theme may be radical (legitimate)

-I completely disagree about "only-yes/no questions"; advice horaries are often not capable of being answered yes/no; similarly in time-frame questions ("when will x happen?") yes/no answers are not relevant; requesting the Cosmos to "tell me about" a person, or anticipated action, or theme, are legitimate horary requests and cannot be answered merely yes or no; from my perspective, if only a clear yes/no answer (without explanation of the influences behind that yes or no) is what is desired, use of an astro-divination method (possibly the 8 Ball, or Simple Lunar divination, or trigonal lord analysis, or the "fixed star fortune", or other divination methods such as are used in jyotish prasna tantra or prasna sastra) would be more appropriate than horary, because horary provides much more (insight wise) than mere astro-divination methods are capable of providing.

-I completely agree about avoiding the term "EVER" in framing any horary question.

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