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Is Horary "like" Tarot?

I mean if it is trustful as natal chart or SR are?

When you ask an horary question, you have to make a chart with the date and hour of the question. Like making a natal chart of the question.
If you remake the same question a month later, the chart will tell you something different. Even if you remake the question two hours later.
I think is like in terms of fortune. Do you?
I make several questions here in the horary section, and I receive yes-no answers, so I am again as If I wouldn't make any question. So I decided to let the answer in Life's hands.

Do you trust horary?
yes? no? why?

What are your opinions and experiences about horary? I want to know more because I am based of what I seen. And I don't know how to use horary. And I want to learn
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