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Re: Solar Retun

cassandra thank you for all your help!!!

Yes we also have here lots of young people involved in motorcycle accidents here that results in fatalities...
Yes manny friends tell me the same that everything happens for a reason, maybe I was getting to crazy with my bike...
Maybe getting arrested was a signal from the universe to take it easy....
Well now I have to focus on the future... I have a son he is 9 years old...

"The moon rules the 10th house of authority and work or career. It is in the 11th house which is the second house from the 10th meaning work from money. So moon in the 11th means work from money is is in fluctuation. It opposes neptune or the 6th house meaning one condition is dissolving." Here you mean that my work will increase? I hope it will fluctuate to the better!!

My house arrest is supposed to end in June 22 and then I have only probation until August.. My God if somehow it will end sooner it will be superb Yes yes yes..

With Saturn moving through the 12th now and opposing uranus on the six....

I know that the 12 house is the house of karma, confinement, slavery, imprisonment. It rules hospitals, prisons and mental institutions. Is it true that even good people can also have misfortune if they’re carrying some past-life debt?

Before you said:
It looks like Pluto will conjunct your natal venus probably later on this year. You may want to pull up the 2010-2011 chart. I suspect with progressed venus conjunct DC and pluto transiting natal venus trine moon and uranus unexpected in the area of love life will be the key word and it will be transforming...since it is in your fifth er hum...I would think seriously about 'do I want children" or not
I don't have a girlfriend yet....
I posted the SR for 2010- 2011

Thank you!!!!
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