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Re: Solar Retun

Whew, guy, I am feeling ya. Well all I can say is better jail than hospital. I am working with a patient who took a spill evading police and broke his back, his leg, his arms, road tore most of his skin off his arm..ummm and he is one of the lucky guys...another guy took a spill and now can not use one arm at all and hit his head so hard he is really struggling just to get through the day...young guy and will never be the same ...but at least he is alive.
I know there is always story worse than yours but visit a rehab. hospital sometime...mostly young guys like you who will never be the same again.
Okay so work is an interest for you. The moon rules the 10th house of authority and work or career. It is in the 11th house which is the second house from the 10th meaning work from money. So moon in the 11th means work from money is is in fluctuation. It opposes neptune or the 6th house meaning one condition is dissolving. The moon forms a trine to venus in the 6th so it is possible that a woman will be of some assitance to you. She rules the 8th house of other people resources maybe in banking or investment or she is just going to connect you to some sort of daily work. Still with the last aspect the moon makes to neptune I think your job situatuion will be changing this year period.
All signs on the angles Cardinal a very active year for you.
It looks like Pluto will conjunct your natal venus probably later on this year. You may want to pull up the 2010-2011 chart. I suspect with progressed venus conjunct DC and pluto transiting natal venus trine moon and uranus unexpected in the area of love life will be the key word and it will be transforming...since it is in your fifth er hum...I would think seriously about 'do I want children" or not
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