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Re: Solar Retun

Originally Posted by cassanra
2nd house rising...2/8 focus
The 2/8 houses are empty. The ruler of the houses that is Pluto and venus are in a in the 3rd of communication, short trips and brothers/sisters and the other in the 6th of health, co-workers. This may be a power struggle with a female in work, or a sister, or as venus rules the first, some struggle with external appearance.
So you were correct, there IS a problem with 'short trips' , he can't make any.

With progressed venus on the DC this implies a relationship of some kind that is a focus.
You asked about saturn and uranus. Saturn in the 12th rules home and uranus in the 6th rules fifth. The two in opposition for positive relationship to mercury which is also attatched to mars. Merxcury rules 12th and mars rules 7th. They are found in the 4th. It appears there is a struggle requiring maintaining the status quo versus change and it may be in the 6/12 axis.
Mercury will take on some of mars energy and may reflect some form of argument at home or with a partner.
Again, it was right there, but out of reach. ' Saturn in the 12th rules home."
AAgghhh. That means 'house confinement', but it was so literal we overlooked it. Sometimes the simplest most literal explanation is the one.

For some reason, I am having a really difficult time feeling this chart.
Here are the themes
-2/8 finances and others resources with some struggle in communication and work affecting your income. With pluto and venus this might imply a transformation and pleasure ie struggling to reduce spending on pleasant things.I know my year with something similar had me having to pay an attorney to get some child support worked out.
-Sun in fifth opposing moon and moons last transit as opposotion to neptune. Some pleasantry possible needing to come to an end or some relationship. With neptune as the final connection something dissolving possibly job duties dissolving and changing.
-Saturn and uranus in your 6/12 axis I think emphasizes this theme of something abruptly changing, some struggle that will benefits communication at home but not with out some conflict. Jupiter in the 4th might imply an expansion of home. I know the 2/8 axis was in my solar return the year I had my first child.
What has been happening recently? Whatever it is shouldbe reflected in something of what I just said. or not
You got child support correct above as well. Also Moon opposing Neptune, which could have described 'home imprisonment' as well.
Jupiter in the 4th was not 'expansion' it was 'court mandated' homelife.
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