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Re: Pietersen resigns as England cricket captain

Thanks for the data and for the thread (am a fan of cricket).

I have used the traditional 12:00 as TOB, as we haven't astro researched much on this (as in using important happenings like marriage, accidents, etc to determine the TOB), so using houses (always very tempting) could be a bit tricky. You made a good point about Pietersen being somewhat of an 'Aquarian' type, and (even without actually giving him an Aqua Asc) he does natally have Uranus aspecting his Merc (unique thinking) in a lovely trine (actually astrologically a genius' constellation), sextiling his Mars to the degree, squaring his nodes (somewhat unpredictable changes are something that the guy would perhaps have to take in his stride), and he also belongs to the Uranus-Saturn sextile batch. So, you see, Kevin is quite a Uranian.

As far as his current transits go, tr-Saturn has just rolled back onto his natal Saturn, and he has been having his Saturn Return, so life has to get 'sorted' now (and disappointments can be part of the parcel). This would perhaps be one of the pointers as regards his (de-)captaincy- though 'it's not really cricket'. Further, tr-Saturn has also been squaring his Moon (which rules his Sun and Merc) and Venus, conjuncting his Mars, and squaring his Neptune, besides its sextiles to his natal Merc and Uranus. So, there is quite a bit of Saturn shadowing and testing him currently. The sudden '(de-)crowning' glory, of course, is Uranus, which is also giving him some grief, and changes seem to be on the cards for Kevin. He has tr-Uranus tightly squaring his Venus and Neptune (unprecedented disappointments and breaking down of illusions?), plus opposing his Mars and Saturn (change in status quo). All in all, this could be a rough patch for him.

My 'sporty' two penneth,

PS: Orange, you might want to remove that link in your last post, as it leads one right into your profile, where one can easily tamper with the data. It is best/safest to attach charts as thumbnails.
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