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Re: Pietersen resigns as England cricket captain

I couldn't locate a time of birth, but its 27 Jun 1980 in Pietermartizburg, South Africa.

Hopefully this links to a chart ...

Natally he has some planets at about 21degrees that are currently active:
- Saturn - 21Virgo
- Mars - 22Virgo
- Uranus - 21Sco
- Neptune - 20Sag
- Pluto - 18 Libra

I guess there might be a few clues to rectifying his chart ...
- given his day of birth his Moon ranges from 17Sag to 0Cap30. Given that and his outspoken, almost arrogant comments it seems firmly placed in Sag.

- married 29Dec07. (Transit Sun just past opposition to natal Sun, transitting Pluto at 29Sag).

- appointed England captain on Aug 4th 2008 ... transits include ... Mars 20Vir; Uranus 22Pis.

- he is South Africa born but decided to play for England due to the SA quota system. He qualified for England selection in October 2004.

Edit: so I just had a little play and put a birth time (8:30pm) that gives a moon at about Sag 29. Lo and behold that would give an Aquarian Ascendent (that has Neptune transiting it), Uranus on the Midheaven and Sun in the 5th house. I quite like the idea of an Aquarian ascendent because there was a time when he had blond, spiky hair; dyed blue hair and is now just short buzzcut. All a bit rebellious.

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