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Re: Forum natal chart

Very interesting indeed;

I plugged in the forum's information and did a synastry between the two of us, and here is what I've found;

The forum's Uranus falls right onto my DC, which might explain the random people that have come and gone into my forum life, so to speak- during the short amount of time I've been here.

The forum's True Node falls into my 8th, which is nice since I am a very 8th houser person and I crave depth/transformations/regenerations, extreme changes and etc- perhaps this means that the forum is meant to truly transform me.

The forum's moon falls right smack onto my MC, which makes me think that perhaps someway the forum's "emotions/intutions/subconscious if you will" will somehow influence me career wise or perhaps in my "adult life" frame of mind, going about things.

The forum's Mars falls right between my 4th and 5th, rather close to my Neptune, so perhaps that means this place is meant to shake up/impulsively action wise try to move, nudge on my Neptune in some way- shake up my ideals?

The forum's Jupiter falls into my 2nd house, the house of finances/values, so perhaps the forum will help me expand and look into new personal values? It might help me evaluate my values in a detached/philosophical enough manner that I am very open to whatever.

Funny enough, *my* Jupiter falls into the forum's 2nd house as well, so maybe I am meant to help expand others' minds and beliefs, to help them see the grass on the other fence- the view that they haven't quite been able to see for themselves until I point it out.

My True Node and Mars fall into the forum's 5th, so maybe I'm *meant* to direct others' in their love affairs and creativity- or edge them along in a faster, more energetic fashion than they are meant to go. Also, I might have conflicting ideas on others' romances, so that Mars might bring me to have a bit of difficulty, maybe I will become angered or anger another;

My Sun falls right onto the forum's IC, so perhaps my *heart* my *soul*, who I am *to the core* will effect the foudation of the forum in some way that will leave a nice imprint.

My Pluto falls into the forum's 11th, so perhaps I will transform group activities on this forum, help something die/something become reborn- help spurt some sort of big transformation for the better or perhaps "worse"; my Saturn falls into the 12th, which might mean I have a rather restrictive/perhaps controling/trying to structure the "hidden secrets" of the forum, or perhaps the "enemies" of the forum- maybe my Saturn falling their will help the forum not fall into "self undoing".
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