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Re: That's right! Another set of mystery charts!

Oh, right! I'm sorry. I was going to post the answers to this some time last week, but the forums were down and when they got back up I guess it had slipped my mind! Thanks for the reminder Lissa!

Okay, the first chart belongs to William Henry Harrison. This is our cursed military leader. Those of you who are unfamiliar with this, he was the first victim of the Curse of Tehcumsa which claimed the lives of several more presidents who were elected in 20 year periods. This curse was broken by Ronald Reagan who was shot, but did not die.

The second chart belongs to the late Pope John Paul II. Actually, you can also find his chart on the AstrologyWeekly website, which is a fact I didn't know until after I posted this thread. I was hoping no one else would notice it either. He was shot on May 13th, 1981 by Mehmet Ali Agca and he was stabbed on May 12th, 1982 by Juan Maria Fernandez y Krohn. Twice in just under a year. Our Lady of Fatima indeed.

The third chart belongs to our very own Libra20 who was a great sport in letting me use her natal information for this thread. However, if I suddenly disappear from the site for know who to ask questions of.

The fourth chart is our event chart which relates to the time the first bomb exploded at the Bath Township school house. You can follow the full story here.
Coming events cast their shadows before them.
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