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Re: That's right! Another set of mystery charts!

Quick guess,
chart number 3 cursed military leader with mars in capricorn in the 10th square sun in the seventh, open enemies and also serving others .
saturn in the first, serious fella, it trines his 1oth H mars which tells me things started out good as far as his military carrier, but..........

First chart, I would say this is the Powerfull figure that escaped the assasination attempt.
Uranus in first house in taurus, this guy comes off as practical yet revolutionary in a sence, its trines to mercury and venus in the 10th near the MC tell me he was charismatic.
The uranus moon venus grand trine tells me charesmatic leader.

the only thing i can see as the assaination attempt is the finger of god pointing at the sun, and the square to his first house Uranus.
extremely wild, wild, wild, guess.

chart 2. Uranus in the 4th this person does not like to lead a regular home life, or its been odd anyhow, compared to the "regular"
those two tsquares say alot more then I can put together with sun moon conjunction.
Choirion in the 6H may signify the vegitarian...
A part of me wants to say that this is the bombing as well. with neptune conjunct jupiter on the midheaven. and mars in the 12th.
religious bombing possibly.
and isnt algol at 26 degrees Taurus, thats one degree off of the sun.

thats as far as I can get.
I did this quick, like 10 minutes, half asleep, typing with my drooping eyelids.

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