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Re: That's right! Another set of mystery charts!

Sorry for the waiting,but I finally came to a conclusion...Let's hope I don't mess it all up this time like did with Bob't first mystery chart,and Draco's "Who's who"thread as well lol.

First chart:I'm thiking this belongs to the cursed military leader.First off,I don't like to see an intercepted sign in the12th,plus the12th house cusp at the fate degree of the sign that naturally rules it...The12th house ruler in it's fall looks very suspiscious to me,and that combined with the Part of Fortune in the malefic8th..Altough the Part of Fortune is disposed by a dignified Jupiter in Pisces,and the11th house is not a bad position for such a cheerful planet as Jupiter,so I think the person got some luck overall..Once again,I find it suspicious that the8th ruler is opposite the12th house ruler.The first house Uranus may denote an unusual existence,or a strongly individualist(altough I have the same1st house Uranus in an Earth sign and I don't consider myself a particularly exciting person ).Mars is in it's fall,and the Mars-Pluto combo can be an explosive,Mars is conjunct the IC,and I always see the IC as a very "quiet" angle,related to the most unconscious,deep things in us,so he probably kept his anger bottled up,or seemed more quite than he actually was(Taurus rising,being the Ascendnat disposed by Venus in Capricorn).The9th house is related to foreign lands,which makes me think about military service once again.Plus,the Kite formation is pointing right at the Mars-Pluto opposition,putting more emphasis on it.

Second chart:I think this chart belongs to the powerful figure who survived the assassinations attempt.Ruler of the7th(open enemies)is in the12th(hidden enemies),and also in it's debility.The Part of Fortune is in the1st,showing a person who makes their own luck,and well,if someone tried to kill him/her,he/she probably did something to deserve it...Plus,there's a Sun/Moon out-of-sign conjunction in the8th(death).New Moon people are usually very opinionated and sure of themselves.The8th house is ruled by Venus,and Venus is so strong,being angular,in it's dignity and in it's home sign,meaning the person was protected and survived.

Third chart:I believe it's the vegetarian astrology student.The fist thing that caught my eye was the crowded6th house,ruled by it's natural sign,puting lots of emphasis on health.The12th house has the North Node in it,so this life path is focused on spiritual matters(astrology),perhaps with the intend of healing themselves(Chiron).The Part of Fortune in the12th puts even more emphasis on spirituality.Just by looking at the12th house,I think this person's life is very dveoted to methaphysical subjects.Plus,Neptune in the8th adds more interest in metaphysical phenomenons.The Ascendant's ruler is full of strenght,exalted,angular and in it's home sign,so the person was probably very visible to the public eye,someone with a firm authority and a strong voice.

Fourth chart:This leaves out the bombist attack.Mars(fire works)is in it's fall and hidden in the12th,which sounds very nasty and,once again,we have the same Mars-Pluto combination...this time,with the conjunction.Jupiter in the9th with Uranus may mean that the attack took place in a foreign land to the bombists,altough Jupiter is in it's home house and it's house so I hope the damage was minimised...I hope.Once again,the Part of Fortune in the malefic8th looks weird to me.

Well this are just my musings,I think I probably mistaked the cursed miliatry leader for the powerful figure who survived the attack but well I'll see how this turns out later.

Take care
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