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Re: That's right! Another set of mystery charts!

Two of the charts I got from Astrotheme
Eek!! I was hoping you wouldn't say that. At Astrotheme, they seem to make even birth dates up, and times are notoriously unreliable, that site would improve 100% if they employed someone to source their data.

With Astrotheme, I try and find at least three or four other sources on the internet that will confirm the date and time that they provide, but alas, they seem to put birth times to people that can be confirmed nowhere else at all, and on occasion, get the birth date wrong.

the last from an unknown source.

I only trust the event chart then, which will have been timed precisely, but I think it would be incredibly difficult to differentiate, but I'll have a go, later when I'm more cosy.

See you soon.
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