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Re: That's right! Another set of mystery charts!

I guess i'll be the first to take a shot at these mystery charts. Thanks for the thread.
#1-Pluto, venus, mercury stellium in capricorn on midheaven says to me military leader. Grand trine in earth and stellium in virgo in 5th. This person is considered a man for his people. If he "cursed" it is because he stepped on someone's toes to gain his ends but he is rewarded for this action.
#2 Sun, mercury, and venus stellium in 7th house(taurus) and sun conjunct algol. This person sees the ugliness. He/she has jupiter and neptune conjunct the midheaven which points to a sort of spiritual leader and squaring venus and mercury would indicate celibacy as a viable choice for him/her. Sun and moon conjunct in 8th house, this person was not afraid of the depths of the underworld. Mars in libra(12th house), he/she is a warrior for the underdog. Pluto in cancer(9th house) gaines power through travel and "mothering" of the masses and is probably well educated and very intelligent. True node in scorpio(1st house) life purpose- self transformation through death of personal desires. This is a major religious figure most likely although i didn't see anything to indicate assasination attempts.
#3 This person is in service-6th house stellium in virgo. I also noticed that the houses contain the correct signs or their rulership. Sun and jupiter in 7th house, descendant indicates desire for and benefits through partnership or marriage with another. True node in 12th house indicates finding purpose through self transformation in solitude but is in conflict with service to others and needs to turn inward(true node opposing moon and venus). Node opposed to pluto leads me to believe that this person experienced death early in life. Port of fortune here indicates that opportunities to go inward will be fourth coming. This is the student and vegetarian i think.
#4 With the stellium(mars, pluto, venus and true node) in the 12th house of death in sign of cancer, this is "mothering" through death and would be the bombing event i'd say. With jupiter square moon and saturn in 5th house, i'd say the targets were children, ouch and the issue was financial. Neptune in the 2nd house in staunch leo further indicates this.
This is my thinking on the new mystery charts. I enjoyed the experience.
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