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That's right! Another set of mystery charts!

Just as the title would suggest, here - for your entertainment - is another set of mystery charts. This one is with a twist though. So, out of these four charts, we're looking for a powerful figure (if I say what kind it might give it away) who survived an assassination attempt, a vegetarian astrology student ,a (as some people have suggested) cursed military leader, and - the kicker - an event chart for a bombing. Got all of that? Good. (If the charts don't show up, tell me and I'll fix it.) [The reason one is without a title and the others has one is because I was originally just going to keep the titles on the charts, but when I got to the fourth I decided to just go ahead and clear the whole box, but it was too late and PhotoBucket recognized the first three and kept them like that even after I changed them. All that to say: don't take it as a sublte clue. It's just an unfortunate series of events following a last minute change of mind.]

Chart Number One!

Chart Number Two!

Chart Number Three!

Chart Number Four!

If you need natal data for whatever reason, please PM me and I'll send it your way. I thought this experiment would be interesting because, not only are there natal charts, but there is one event chart hidden somewhere in here, a very big event, so perhaps it can be selected out of the natal charts by knowing the "identity" and "personality" of the event.

Remember now, powerful figure who survived an assassination attempt, a vegetarian astrology student, a cursed military leader, and a bombing event chart. Good luck all! I look forward to reading responses and interpretations. Oh, also, if you would like to know the position of some astrological body I have omitted, please ask and I'll post it for you, or send it to you in a PM.

-祈祷師 の 星
Coming events cast their shadows before them.

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