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Thank you for your responses.

This was a concern of mine, because after being accused of being heartless/lacking empathy I took the 40pt test for psychopathy and scored in the psychopathic area.

I personally do not consider myself a psychopath, but that's what a psychopath would think, yes? Because it's not like I know of any different way of being/feeling.

I've been researching astrology for the past 12 years in great detail so I reached out here for some input.

I do have this exact aspect you're indicating in my natal chart. (Moon Conjunct Mars in Gemini in opposition to Saturn in Sagittarius- a Jupiter ruled sign. Mars is my chart ruler and in the 29th degree of Gemini)
I also have a strong opposition between Venus in Gemini and Saturn, Uranus and Neptune in Sagittarius.
I also have all of the aspects I listed in my original post.

However if I'm evaluating myself as accurately as possible, i would say the reason I do not consider myself psychopathic is because I am capable of empathy. It's only for those I strongly care about, but it can be there. I think the distinction is I can switch my empathy (and all of my emotions) on and off rather easily. I can get charming when needed, distant when needed, etc. And I am always in complete control ove my actions and emotions. I never have outbursts. People who meet me comment that I'm one of the most stable people they've ever met.

I wouldn't say I have any violent aspects to my personality either, besides a self deprecating and dark sense of humor that makes many people 'concerned' and I'm quite an extreme masochist.

However, I do lack any sort of fear, I engage in a variety of risks reguarlly that would make most anyone sick to their stomach. And I also lack remorse. That's mostly because I stay in control of myself and never say/do anything I regret, and additionally, I believe everyone is responsible for their own selves. Nothing I can say or do should affect anyone else, and I live my life by the same rules, not allowing others actions or opinions to affect me.

Maybe I'm not psychopathic, just a unique person.
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