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22. Nations
Make universal investigations with the biology of nations
We must use universal factors such as general bodily form of the nation, culture and religion in both universal and genethlialogical inquiries. These factors are hiddenly astrological in nature, for they are formed from the interaction of genetics with the environment, which is of course formed by the planets, especially due to the amount of rays of the Sun that fall at each latitude. These were thought out before the creation of the world to accord with the ways and fate of each nation and individual.

23. Regions
Make universal investigations with the geography of regions
We must use universal factors such as climate, natural resources, situation, height, lowness, or adjacency in both universal and genethlialogical inquiries. These factors are hiddenly astrological in nature, for they were created less than six thousand years ago in harmony with the planets, and again transformed through the flood.

24. Eclipses
Solar eclipses by day and lunar eclipses by night are the most powerful causes of events
The perfect syzygy of the eclipse must occur above the horizon.

25. Times
Equinoctial hours of solar eclipses indicate the years of events
Equinoctial hours of lunar eclipses indicate the months of events
We observe the duration of the totality above the horizon. Equinoctial hours are equal hours, not local. Solar eclipses can cause events that last up to a month and two weeks, lunar eclipses can cause events that last up to three months and three weeks.

Hour-Marker indicates beginning within two months and early powerful intensification
Midheaven indicates beginning within eight months and middle powerful intensification
Setting indicates beginning within twelve months and late powerful intensification
We mark at what local hour the syzygy occurs. If it falls exactly after the Hour-Marker, the events begin immediately and their intensification is immediate, if it falls exactly at the Midheaven, the events begin after six months and their intensification is in the middle part of the time, if it falls exactly before the Setting, the events begin after twelve months and their intensification is in the last part of the time, etc.

New moons and full moons indicate particular intensifications and relaxations
New moons and full moons (and their angles) produce intensifications or relaxations when the qualities of their predominators are in accord or discord with the qualities of those of the eclipse (and its angle).

26. Classes
Places and angles of eclipses, predominators of eclipses and their angles with houses, elevations, trigons, bounds and configurations, and non-wandering stars present within 1 indicate events
We observe at what angle the syzygy falls, if it falls at the pre-ascension of the Hour-Marker, we observe the Hour-Marker, if it falls at the post-ascension of the Midheaven, at the Midheaven or the pre-ascension of the Midheaven, we observe the Midheaven, if it falls at the the post-ascension of the Setting or the Setting, we observe the Setting.

Hour-Marker indicates foundations, crops and adolescence
Midheaven indicates kingship, worship and adulthood
Setting indicates transitions, diseases and elderhood

Aries, Taurus and Gemini indicate airy domains
Cancer, Leo and Virgo indicate fiery domains
Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius indicate earthy domains
Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces indicate watery domains

Aries and Libra indicate weather and worship
Cancer and Capricorn indicate weather and politics
Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius indicate foundations and buildings
Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces indicate kingship and multitudes

Powerful predominators indicate major parts of classes
Operative predominators indicate some parts of classes
Inoperative predominators indicate minor parts of classes
We note the domains of the angle, the elements of the places, their qualities, and the powers of the predominators to affect these classes.

27. Qualities
Saturn predominating indicates destruction by cold, with long illnesses, consumptions, withering, disturbances caused by fluids, rheumatisms, quartan fevers, falling, exile, poverty, imprisonment, mourning, fears, and deaths, especially among those advanced in age, scarcity and destruction of useful animals by disease, fearful cold, freezing, misty and pestilential corruption of air, clouds, gloom, multitude of destructive snowstorms, abundance of harmful reptiles, storms, the wreck of fleets, disastrous voyages, scarcity and death of fish, high and ebb tides of the seas, the excessive floods of rivers and pollution of their waters, want, scarcity and loss of crops, especially of those grown for necessary uses, through worms or locusts or floods or cloud-burst or hail, and the like

Jupiter predominating indicates increase, fame, prosperity, abundance, peaceful existence, bodily and mental health, happiness, benefits and gifts from rulers, greatness and magnanimity of kings, multitude and abundance of useful animals, destruction of the opposite kind, temperate, healthy, windy and moistening air, favourable for the growth of what the earth bears, the fortunate sailing of fleets, the moderate rising of rivers, abundance of crops, and the like

Mars predominating indicates destruction through dryness, wars, civil faction, uprisings, capture, enslavement, the wrath of leaders, sudden deaths arising from such causes, fevers, tertian agues, raising of blood, swift and violent deaths, especially among those in the prime of life, violence, assaults, lawlessness, arson and murder, robbery and piracy, hot weather, warm, pestilential and withering winds, lightning, hurricanes, drought, sudden shipwreck of fleets through changeable winds, the failure of the water of rivers, drying up of springs, tainting of potable waters, scarcity of useful animals and things that grow from the earth, the loss of crops by drying as the result of hot weather, or by locusts, or by beating of winds, or by burning in places of storage, and the like

Venus predominating indicates increase, fame, honour, happiness, abundance, happy marriages, many children, satisfaction in every mutual relationship, the increase of property, neat and well conducted manner of life, paying honour to those things which are to be revered, bodily health, alliances with the leaders, the elegance of rulers, temperate air, moist and very nourishing winds, good and clear weather, generous showers of fertilizing waters, the fortunate sailing of fleets, full rising of rivers, abundance of useful animals, good yields of fruits, successes, profits, and the like

Mercury predominating indicates transitions, stimulating event, cleverness, events which concern the priestly code, worship, royal revenues, changes in customs and laws, robbery, theft, piracy, assault, unsuccessful voyaging when predominating with maleficent planets, occasional diseases of dryness, quotidian agues, coughs, raising, consumption, irregular, fierce and changeable winds depending on dryness, lightning, thunder, hurricanes, earthquakes, destruction of useful animals and plants, diminishment of waters when drying, filling of waters when moistening, and the like
Whenever we speak of any temperament of the five planets one must understand that whatever produces the like nature is also meant, not only their configurations, but also their houses, elevations, trigons, and bounds, and furthermore the non-wandering stars of the same nature. With this principle, the Sun contributes somewhat to events of Jupiter such as greatness and magnanimity of kings, but not to the rising of rivers and peacefulness, as it moderately dries and contributes somewhat to hot weather, drought and wars of Mars, likewise the Moon contributes somewhat to events of Venus such as the rising of rivers and raining, but not to the elegance of rulers, as it moderately cools and contributes to Saturn. In general, the Sun, the Moon, Mercury and non-wandering stars of mixed nature cooperate in different ways and to different degree with all planets. The effects of such mixtures and all admixtures of the planets with each other, which are nigh infinite, would be reasonably left to the enterprise and ingenuity of the mathematician.

The same qualities of events are to be used in seasonal, monthly, weekly, daily and hourly investigations, although with proportionally lesser effects.

28. Comets
Comets cause wars, hot weather, drought or winds, disturbed conditions and the accompaniments of these, the time which they last indicate the time of the events, their position relative to the Sun indicate the time of the beginning, morning comets indicate rapidly approaching events, evening comets indicate events which approach more slowly, and the formations of the heads indicate the class of the events, the greater the number of parts and the greater their size, the greater the effect
Comets have effects of Mars and Mercury as they are burning.

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