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Parans and country/city ruling sings?

Shall I take them in consideration? It seems like wherever I click in Europe every place has at least one negative line or paran (multiple bad parans in Scandinavia, yet I've been drawn to Sweden and Denmark!). Not many bad lines or parans in Nuremberg or Gran Canaria for me, but not that drawn to those areas. Warsaw has a great Jupiter line next to it, but again, a Venus/Saturn paran would make the locals cold to me! It's not fair for a crossing over Siberia or the USA to affect Warsaw area.

Lately I've been thinking about Italy. I liked some aspects of living on my Moon line in central Europe but I was too moody there, I had suicidal thoughts. So is Italy off limits too since its affected by the same line? I like the sound of Italian language and the easy-going attitude of people in Rome and Central/Southern Italy. Seems like I've got the same negative Neptune/Moon's Nodes paran I have in my home country there. On the other hand, Italy is supposedly ruled by Leo, my Sun sign (Bulgaria is ruled by Capricorn!).

In Sofia I also have a Pluto trine/sextile AS aspect line which is lacking in Italy but the same one affects Krakow, Denmark and parts of Sweden. But Italy has Chiron/Moon's Nodes crossings!

My countries of interest: Italy, Hungary, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Ireland
It's weird I don't have any interest in Nizhny Novgorod and Volgograd.
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