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VERY heavy SR chart. I beg for your opinions!

Hi, first of all I wanted to put this SR in context. I am currently experiencing a very big crisis, since I probably will have to leave the country I'm living in (and I don't want to) very soon since I can't renew my visa after a lot of ordeals and attemps.

This would have a lot of consequences for me (mainly emotional) since I had to move a lot during my life and I wanted to build a life here, and I was on the right path. Suddenly, I lost my job since my visa expired, therefore I am unable to work with obvious consequences.

Also, I have a solid relationship with a girl, and this situation is stressing us big time since I don't know what to do and she doesn't either (move with me to the other country or not), so it could be the end of the relationship very soon.

Moreover, I suspect that a member of my family is boycotting this visa thing (she could since she's in a position in which she potentially could do it) since she is against me staying in this country (right now I have tNeptune in 10th squaring nMoon in 12th and nVenus in 4th).

I casted the SR return chart and it doesn't really look very good. Moon conj. Mars conjunct MC. Capricorn rising (29th degree) with Saturn in 12, Pluto also in 12th squaring Moon and Mars. Uranus opposes Sun almost exact.

Comparing with my birth chart, SR AC is exactly conjunct my nSaturn in 8th house.

I really don't know what to expect, but I'm worried. Worried about a big accident or even death, worried about falling back into depression which is now fairly in check. Worried that life as it is right now will fall apart. To complete the picture, my Saturn return in 8th will be in march 2020.

I would be very grateful if you would give me your impressions and thoughts. I attach the SR chart + the SR and birth chart comparison.

Peace to all of you!
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